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1.Great Is the Lord
2.The Armor of God
3.Sweet Reunion v.1
4.Take Me to Higher Ground
5.Midnight Cry
6.Gentle Like You
7.No More Night
8.My Jesus, I Love Thee (Del Delker, solo)
9.As a Little Child
10.I’m Gonna Keep Walkin’
11.Children’s Medley
12.Daystar (Shine Down on Me)
13.Love Through Me
14.Bound for the Kingdom
15.Be Ye Holy
16.Higher Ground
17.Whiter Than Snow
18.O Father In Heaven
19.The Potter
20.Fishers of Men
21.Home Where I Belong
22.It Is Well With My Soul
23.Nearer Still Nearer
24.Sweet Reunion v.2
25.Soon and Very Soon

The 20 Year Reunion Concert (DVD)

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