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About Christian Edition

Christian Edition has been spreading God's love through music since 1981. At the start of each concert season, we pray that God leads us only to places where people are ready to commit or recommit their lives to God. God has honored our prayer by sending us to the White House, Caesars Palace, the New Orleans Superdome and to thousands of churches, nursing homes and campmeetings in between.


Below are the men of Christian Edition. They come from many professions and backgrounds, united by their desire to sing of their redeemer. You will also find a picture of our support staff—people who believe in the mission of Christian Edition so much that they generously give their time and talents to keep this musical ministry going.

**Coming soon...we are due for an update as we have new singers!

Current Director and Pianist Michael Spencer with Former Director Calvin Knipschild

First Tenors (top row) Paul Wilcox, Henry Murray, and Rob Peterson (bottom row) David Taylor

Second Tenors (top row) Dennis Shogren, Russ Nelson, Fred Miller, and Dick Sample (bottom row) Mickey Smith

Baritones (top row) Keith Smith, Craig Vendouris, Bruce Power, and John Reader (bottom row) Chris Klebba and Chris Sheridan 

Basses (top row) Ken Holland, Clarence Brummett, Gary Mattison, and Leonard Fletcher (bottom row) Patrick Wolfe and Gary Gifford

Support Staff (top row) Richard Gutsche, Lori Spencer, and Sam Aleksic (bottom row) Malisa Smith and Gayle Craig

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